Meri Ljubanovic lives in Geelong and has been expressing her creativity using resin as a medium for many years, in that time holding exhibitions throughout Australia. Much of Meri’s artistic inspiration comes from time spent on and above the seas. Learning to fly, she has had the pleasure of witnessing much of our coastline from a birds eye perspective which in turn has greatly influenced her artwork.

Meri has spent many hours in the water scuba diving off the Bellarine Peninsula, drawing inspiration from the underwater experience, the beautiful colours and the tranquil and tumultuous movement of the oceans. Meri enjoys the simple pleasure of seeing the water from a ‘yacht – to- shore’ perspective — sometimes peacefully calm and sometimes stormy and tempestuous. She spends many hours sailing the coastline of Victoria and off the shores of her and her husband’s island home in Croatia where the aqua blue waters create a myriad of emotions, inspiring many of her artworks.

As well as seascapes, Meri revels in bright abstract designs resulting in centrepiece artworks that capture the imagination. These are as dramatic as they are colourful and bring any room to life by their vivid nature, size and contemporary charm. Her resin art is multi-layered with each piece stirring the emotions through their richness and vibrancy.