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Interior Design


understand Resin Techniques

Designed for the person who not only wants to understand Resin Techniques, but who also wants to take home two large beautiful Resins to hang the following day.

In this workshop participants will :

  • Develop 2 Resins of up 1200 x 1000 cm in size, or 2 x round resin boards of 1000cm in circumference
  • Learn the techniques to enable the production of “Ready to Sell” resin art work
  • Acquire the skills to apply these techniques with confidence to any size Resin Work of their choosing
  • Understand and have the ability to use a range of techniques together on a single resin
  • Learn the theory and practice of resurrecting a Resin deemed to be unsatisfactory
  • Have access to a multitude of mediums and vehicles to practice and use within the workshop
  • Have an excellent knowledge of the products that can be used to enhance and add value to your Resin Artwork
  • Have a working understanding of the very different Resin Products that are available
  • Practice using 3 types of Resin used to create Resin Art works
  • Have a working knowledge and ability to work within the guidelines of resin Manufacturers
  • How to extend the working timeframes of Resin Products
  • Troubleshooting with Resins, tips and tricks

Duration : 6 hours

Price : $999