Resins have become increasingly popular creative works that are being hung and admired in both contempory and traditional homes. They are powerful pieces that add a depth of colour to any room, even used as an artistic complement to our uniquely Australian outdoor living spaces.

Resin Art Studio provides three unique workshops enabling the wider public to learn more about this fascinating and complex medium. You may be looking to engage in a first creative experience or want to equip yourself with the knowledge to create a special piece for your favorite room, or you may have ambitions to expand artistically and commercially.  All of this is achievable with our workshops.

With her teaching background, RAS artist Meri will guide you through the process of working with resin, providing you with structured learning, notes and the confidence to pursue the use of this medium on your own.

Each workshop allows for the completion of 1—4 separate artworks in a hands on experience using exciting techniques, procedures and providing a methodology few resin artists are prepared to share.  I share, and gladly!